Introducing the new Make Macomb Your Home BLOG

By: Mark A. Hackel, Macomb County Executive

Clear blue waters. Your business supply network. A favorite local restaurant. Home.  Make Macomb Your Home means many different things to each of us. What does it mean to you?

We are a county full of things to see and share. Whether your passion is living, working, or playing in Macomb, the new MMYH Blog is the place for you to tell your story or come to hear someone else’s just like yours.


The Make Macomb Your Home Blog joins our existing initiatives of the Make Macomb Your Home brand: the website, videos, television & movie commercials, billboards, and other advertising. We are actively working to branch out to reach as many individuals as possible.

With more than 842,000 residents, 18,000 companies, and countless possibilities to experience a great time there are many stories to tell. We’re attracting more new residents per day than any other county in Michigan.

Macomb is where businesses succeed, friends raise families, and many enjoy countless hours of enjoyment. But don’t just take my word for it, share your story.

Want to share your story? Tell us what Make Macomb Your Home means to you.

About the author: Mark proudly serves as Macomb County’s first-ever county executive. As a lifelong resident he is passionate about promoting Macomb County as a world class destination to live, work and play and grow a business. Follow Mark on his Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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