Lake St. Clair Tourism Initiative

By: Brad Simmons, Lake St. Clair Tourism Initiative Executive Director 

Macomb County is southeast Michigan’s connection to its own Great Lake. With over 430 square miles of fresh water and 160 miles of shoreline to explore, Lake St. Clair is our paradise next door, full of personal passions and pleasures to discover.

aquapaloozaThe Lake St. Clair Tourism Initiative is a public/private, non-profit association created to increase awareness, protect and develop the rich and diverse assets in and around this fresh water community. The Initiative is led by a diverse think-tank that includes the Macomb County Department of Planning & Economic Development, the Michigan Boating Industries Association, business leaders, non-profit associations and stakeholder groups. Together, it is our mission to:

  • Educate and connect new and existing visitors about the many experiences offered by Lake St. Clair and the surrounding businesses and communities.
  • Provide organizational, communications and advocacy support for existing merchants and business associations, civic organizations, municipalities and the individual users of the lake.
  • Develop and promote a long-term vision and plan for the continued and sustainable development of Lake St. Clair and its assets.

Each year the initiative releases an attraction and features map highlighting great destinations along Lake St. Clair. The newly released 2013 map connects millions of residents in the region to the greatest experiences on and along the shores of this freshwater gem.  The map gives users a guided tour of the major destinations extending from the Blue Water Bridge to the Ambassador Bridge. It lists the top destinations and attractions while providing visitors with the best routes for navigating the roads, ferries and international border crossings that are all part of the adventure.

The Top Destinations and Attractions shown in the map represent places where the user is likely to find the best experiences across a broad spectrum of interests. Some destinations allow visitors to get out on the water, while others create the opportunity to enjoy the views, tastes, smells, and sounds from the shoreline.

LSC_Signage_CircleTour_5f with website

Along with the annually updated map, Lake St. Clair Tourism recently installed Circle the Lake Tour signage, allowing users to explore a portion or the entire tour by boat or kayak—and even by car, motorcycle or bicycle. The signs designate the travel route closest to Lake St. Clair and have directional arrows that direct drivers around the lake in a circular direction.

For even more information, such as to learn what fish are biting where, where to take a leisurely cruise or enjoy a coffee while watching the sunset over the lake, to see the latest gear and boats, find somewhere to grab drinks with friends, learn which park to take the kids to and so much more visit our website:

About the author: Brad has served for four years as executive director of the Lake St. Clair Tourism Initiative. Brad is a marketing consultant with 35 years of experience in developing business models, strategies, tactics and tools to take an organization to the next level. A native of St. Clair Shores, Brad is a life-long boater with a deep attachment to Lake St. Clair and the region.
“Close to home. Far from ordinary”

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  1. Willi H2O says:

    Let’s hope 5 MILLION people continually remember their stormwater dumps into Lake St. Clair –

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