The Value of Recognition: The Macomb Business Awards

By: Jennifer Mefford, Director of Business Development, IBEW-NECA Electrical Industry Training Center

It’s hard to put a dollar figure on recognition for a job well done, isn’t it?   What’s it really worth, anyway?

For the IBEW-NECA Electrical Industry Training Center in Warren, the value of being recognized by the Macomb Business Awards in 2013 as a “Champion of Workforce Development” has been frankly, invaluable.


IBEW-NECA at the 2013 Macomb Business Awards

The recognition from this program served as a spotlight on our facility, our staff and the quality training programs we’ve been delivering for over 100 years.    Participation at the awards ceremony for our Director, Instructors and Staff was a moment of pride, accomplishment and team building. 

The award has taken a place of honor at the entrance of our facility which serves our members, but also welcomes hundreds of business decision makers, elected officials and energy stakeholders each year. 

Good news travels fast and so did the news of our Macomb Business Award.  Our training program and the partnership between labor and management that funds our Center, was featured in dozens of articles and media channels in 2013.  The Macomb Business Award coverage led to other opportunities for us to tell our story to new and broader audiences

Our Macomb Business Award symbolizes the partnership and the commitment we pursue daily that delivers world class contractors and electricians.   

Like anyone with a passion for excellence, we don’t do it for the awards.  But we love and value them just the same. 

About the Author: Jennifer Mefford is the Director of Business Development for the IBEW-NECA Electrical Industry Training Center. The center provides Apprenticeship and Continuing Education for Electricians and Electrical Contractors.  The Center is a Department of Labor recognized Apprenticeship facility, which offers three and five year comprehensive hands-on and classroom programs.  The Center is privately funded through the partnership between the National Electrical Contractors Association of Southeastern Michigan and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 58.

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