Shelby Twp. bridal dress designer makes international mark

By Sarah Cormier
Macomb County Executive Office

‘Tis the season for weddings! So much about planning a wedding is a lot of fun. However, as a current bride-to-be, I speak from experience when I say that choosing the perfect bridal gown can be an overwhelming. There are so many different styles that are beautiful, which makes finding the perfect dress for my unique style and fit an interesting task.

Luckily, there are dress designers out there like Katerina Bocci that can take the guesswork out of discovering what your dream gown is.

Born in Albania, Bocci moved to the United States in 2001, quickly proving herself as a designer to take notice of as she soon earned international acclaim, creating dresses for such celebrities as Aretha Franklin. Since successfully launching an eveningwear collection during the 2007 Fashion Week show in New York, Bocci has focused on designing and creating bridal gowns. The best part about Bocci’s work is that every one of her gowns, no matter where they end up in the world, are designed and manufactured in her Shelby Township-based studio.

I was able to speak with Bocci about her wedding dress designs and what inspires her creativity. Here’s what she had to say:

When designing, my inspiration comes from the many brides that I’ve worked with over the years. I will always ask every single client to describe the dress they dreamed of wearing as a little girl. That memory becomes the blueprint for creating their dream dress.

After working with many brides over the years, I finally decided to create a collection that was a true reflection of me as a designer, while incorporating elements from each bride into my collection. The one thing that all of my brides have in common is that they want to look and feel beautiful on their special day. I am a designer who creates based on feeling. The feeling and quality of my fabrics is key to creating a luxurious Katerina Bocci gown. The placement of the lace and stones has to feel perfect as well. I think of everything when I’m designing a gown. I think of the lighting and how it will compliment certain details of the dress and how the silhouette will complement the body. There are a million other thoughts that go through my head while I’m creating.

The dress I create will be with my brides for the rest of their lives and I’m a part of their memories as well. This is why so much love goes into one gown. With my collection I don’t necessarily follow trends. I do, however, understand that all brides are not the same. You have your princess bride, your classic bride, your sexy bride, and your modern and simplistic bride. I will always have a dress in every collection for each type of bride but they are all Katerina Bocci brides. My brides are very special to me and I want them to look and feel like royalty on their big day. 

For more information on Katerina Bocci gowns, visit and happy wedding planning! 

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