Freedom Hill offers much fun for locals, visitors

The fun really doesn’t stop at Freedom Hill. And if you’ve ever been there to see a concert, then you know what I’m talking about. The lights, the sound, the great food – all while hanging outdoors on a beautiful summer night? What can be better than that?!

The venue, located in Sterling Heights, reopened last summer bringing tons of great summer concerts to the area. The excitement is continuing in 2014. Just this past weekend, Macomb County Executive Mark A. Hackel did a live radio broadcast on the Paul W. Smith show, talking about Freedom Hill and its summer lineup.

The radio broadcast was held in Independence Hall, on Freedom Hill’s grounds. This past winter, Freedom Hill officials revamped the outdated spot and it now looks fabulous. The updates to Independence Hall are sure to attract citizens and visitors alike for all sorts of events.  For weddings maybe?! (hint, hint, wink, wink)

One of the great things about Freedom Hill is not just the concerts, but the other unique events the venue supports. One example is the region’s premiere Fourth of July event, Stars & Stripes. Not only does the event have live music, but also plenty of family fun activities such as fireworks and carnival rides. Additionally, the venue is well known for its festivals like Italian Fest, which features some of the best Italian wines, beer, food plus a family fun zone.

Freedom Hill also conducts official ceremonies. The region recently welcomed 44 new citizens from 18 different countries during a naturalization ceremony, and guess where this honorable event was held? You guessed it! In Independence Hall at Freedom Hill. On June 27, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, along with Macomb County’s very own OneMacomb program, which promotes diversity in Macomb County, held a naturalization ceremony to swear in the attendees as new U.S. citizens.

If you haven’t been to Freedom Hill yet, be sure to check it out. You’re missing out! And if you have, keep promoting this wonderful venue. It provides so many great opportunities for our residents and visitors. Visit for more information.

Sarah Cormier works for the Macomb County Executive Office, often writing about interesting activities taking place in Macomb County.

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