BRAvo, Ladies!

Macomb County takes a stand against breast cancer

I remember when I was around 10 years old and my mom’s best friend died after a lengthy battle with breast cancer. She was young when she died – only 40 years old. Fast forward to 32-year old-me sitting at a Fourth of July party last year with an acquaintance who was telling my now husband and I that it was recently discovered she had a late stage of breast cancer. As a result of the diagnosis, she would be having a double mastectomy.

Breast cancer is and always has been scary. The difference now is there are more and more technologies available that are helping women to detect this disease early on. The earlier it’s detected, the rates of survival increase dramatically. Luckily, right in our own backyard, at McLaren Macomb Hospital, those important investments are being made.

OursLast night several colleagues and I attended McLaren Macomb’s BRAvo for Women program. About 1,100 women attended this color pink saturated event held at Penna’s of Sterling. Amidst the tasty plated dinner and cocktails served, there was an aura of inspiration in the air. Survivors and the doctors that helped with their treatment were honored. The theme of the night was “Hats Off to Breast Cancer Survivors.”

Women from many different organizations decorate bras, which are available for viewing and bidding. The bras are then judged and given various awards such as “Most Spectacular” and “Most Creative.” There are also raffles and a live auction of celebrity-signed bras. All of these efforts are to raise money for the program’s main goal: to provide free mammograms to uninsured women in Macomb County, something which undoubtly benefits all of us.

This year, Gov. Rick Snyder made an appearance with his wife, who is an 11-year cancer survivor. Sue Snyder said the most important aspect of her treatment was realizing she had support from others. She raved about McLaren Macomb’s 3D mammography investment.

“I’m thankful every day that mine was detected early. I’m one of the lucky ones,” she said, adding that with 3D mammography, “Breast cancer has nowhere to hide.”

To learn about free mammograms provided by BRAvo for Women, click here.

Sarah Cormier works for the Macomb County Executive Office, often writing about interesting activities taking place in Macomb County.

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