Parks offer unique way to explore Macomb County

aaa2 I grew up in the UP where snow was plentiful, hills were high and houses were few and far between. I’ve found a place to remind me of home, where everyone can come and get that immersed-in-nature feel. Stony Creek Metropark has hills to climb with beautiful views, fields to traverse and a feeling like you’re the first to discover it.

aaaFor me, the best part of winter is that fresh fallen snow. When you step out your door and off the sidewalk, you sink down into this cool blanket. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could walk on top of the snow? We can with snowshoes. Not only is it fun, but it’s great exercise as well.

With that fresh fallen snow comes a hush in the forest. It’s the best time to get snowshoes on and follow a deer trail, or see the frenzied digs of a squirrel looking for its cached food. It’s a joy to walk along Stony Creek, listening to the gurgling of the stream, and see a bright red cardinal with a backdrop of white.

aaa3If you haven’t tried snowshoeing, you can stop by the Stony Creek Metropark Nature Center and rent a pair for $5 for three hours. We’ll show you how to put them on, walk in them and places you can venture to. The nature center in located within 1,357 acres of a park-designated nature study area. You can explore that area on the five miles of interpretively-labeled nature trails, 13 miles of non-labeled nature trails, or get off-trail into fresh powder and have an intimate visit with nature.  If you have any questions, you can call the nature center at (586) 781-9113.

When that snow falls, don’t feel stuck indoors. Bring your snowshoes or rent a pair at the Stony Creek Metropark Nature Center and enjoy the sights and sounds of winter. Come get outside with me and walk on top of that snow.

Kim Sherwin is a park interpreter for the Huron-Clinton Metroparks.

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