From Romeo with Love

Buying a Valentine’s Day card can be tedious. How can you find the right one that will say everything you feel all year long for your special valentine? Whether it be for a friend or significant other, cards often seem to be lacking the perfect words.

222 So, instead of sending a typical card, why not add an extra special touch to the typical Valentine’s Day greeting? That’s where the Romeo Post Office comes in. For the past 22 years, the post office in Romeo has teamed up with the Juliette, Georgia post offices to offer a unique Valentine’s Day cancellation that features the theme of Romeo and Juliet. By sending your Valentine’s Day card through the Romeo Post Office, it will have the special cancellation, featuring Romeo proposing to Juliet. The tag line reads “Celebrating Love on Valentine’s Day.”

Alex Stubbs, who has been postmaster of the Romeo Post Office for 22 years, creates the cancellation every year. He said he picked the proposal theme this year because the holiday is usually a big time for weddings and proposals. According to Stubbs, the post office will process approximately 1,000 letters to be sent out with the cancellation this year. He added that in 1996, when letter writing was more prominent, the office would process between 5,000 to 6,000 letters.

“We would just stop counting,” said Stubbs.

Stubbs said he enjoys promoting letter writing. He believes it is an important art. He sends one from the Romeo Post Office to his wife every year.

2015 Military Postmark“The person writing the letter gets to send a message from the heart,” said Stubbs. “Putting pen to paper, or pen to card, it helps slow you down and put more thought in the process.”

The fun started on Feb. 1. Stubbs said the public should allow two days for an envelope to reach its destination from the post office. Those who would like to send a letter or card with the cancellation can visit the post office or enclose your stamped, addressed valentine in a larger envelope and mail it to:

Romeo and Juliette Valentine Cancellation


119 Church Street

Romeo, MI   48065-9998
The cancellation event has become such a big hit that others have jumped in on the fun. The Women Marines Association Motor City Chapter, Downtown Romeo Merchants, Romeo Merchants, Restaurants and Professionals and the Romeo Masonic Temple are inviting the community to bring unsealed military care packages for men and women overseas. Stubbs said currently the post office has boxes available for the public to pick up along with a list of items the troops overseas need. Participants can pick up a box and fill it with any of those items. The boxes then must be dropped off on Saturday, Feb. 14 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Romeo Masonic Temple, 231 N. Main Street.

The community is also invited, at the same time, day and place, to bring stamped cards and letters for men and women overseas. The community is attempting to break the Guiness Book of World Records for most cards and letters mailed in one day from one location. The prior world record is 2,900 cards. The post office is hoping to mail 3,000.

All of the military items will be mailed to the troops with a special cancellation also created by Stubbs that reads, “From Romeo with Love, Supporting our Troops.”

“We always get a lot of feedback from the military,” said Stubbs. “They tell us they appreciate what we do.”

Sarah Cormier works for the Macomb County Executive Office, often writing about interesting activities taking place in Macomb County.

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