Mount Clemens Investor Tour

I think a lot of people often get so caught up in the day-after-day rhythm of life they often forget to stop and look around to see what is going on right in front of them. This is currently my second summer interning for the County and working in Mount Clemens, and only in the last few months did I realize the great potential of this on-the-rise downtown. The first week back on the job I was offered to join in on a planning meeting discussing the ideas of an “Investor Tour”: a collaborative effort to revive this opportunity-filled downtown that we all work in, but don’t really have time to explore too much.

The “Investor Tour” planning committee had met a few times prior to me tagging along, but I joined early enough in the project to watch these super-busy organizations come together with their own unique experiences in united enthusiasm to work on an event that could very well jumpstart a much-needed revival of this prime city, home to the County Seat. The planning committee was made up of many from my department, County Executive Mark Hackel’s Office, the Mt. Clemens Downtown Development Authority, the City of Mount Clemens, and several real estate agents and brokers hoping to draw attention and potential suitors to this cute little city. Home of various delicious restaurants, quaint little stores, and even better people, it is awe-inspiring to be able help and watch this city make a comeback and join the ranks of other downtowns in the Tri-County area. Just 90 seconds from I-94 and minutes from Hall Road, Lake St. Clair & Selfridge Air Base, Mount Clemens has many assets that make it a great investment.

I think it’s safe to say downtown Mt. Clemens is definitely on its way back up and even more importantly, is backed by top businesses and government officials in the area who have already put in countless hours to make this “Investor Tour” a success and have vowed to further enhance the downtown and its current and future tenants. Being a part of this project really makes me wish I had cool ideas and money to invest in downtown, which I unfortunately do not, but you might and you should! Please join us for the “Mount Clemens Investor Tour” Wednesday, July 15th from 2-4pm.

For more information about the Mt. Clemens Investor Tour and to RSVP your spot, please visit or contact Mike Connors at (586)469-5285.

Ashley Arment is a summer intern for the Macomb County Department of Planning & Economic Development. She is a senior at Michigan State University.


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