Bikes, Burgers & Brews event rides into downtown Mount Clemens

This weekend the Mount Clemens Downtown Development Authority is hosting the first-ever Bikes, Burgers & Brews. The event is a free bike ride to showcase downtown Mount Clemens and is modeled after Slow Roll Detroit and Farmada Freeride (Armada), both organizations formed to help showcase their respective cities. Jack Johns, a senior economic development specialist with the Macomb County Department of Planning and Economic Development, was one of the many individuals who worked on putting this event together and explains why Mount Clemens wants to join in on the bike-riding fun.

Bikes, Burgers & BrewsMount Clemens has really been on a roll with the sale of the Mews building and the old Macomb Daily building and with small businesses moving in downtown and the surrounding area. The Mount Clemens Property Tour (July 2015) also brought a lot of interest in available spaces downtown. We want to keep up the positive flow of people seeing Mount Clemens as a great place to visit, live and open a business. Additionally, there are some amazing restaurants and stores in Mount Clemens (and some easily-accessible bike trails!) that many people just do not know exist. The bike ride is a great opportunity to showcase downtown with a family-fun event.

The Mount Clemens Downtown Development Authority is putting on this event inspired by a great idea that the Farmada Freeride bike group has been doing the past couple of years. They set up bike rides to bring people who love to bike to a community. The end result is more support for that community as the riders will often try new restaurants or ice cream shops after the event. The Macomb County Planning & Economic Development Department is helping to showcase the trail system, food processing businesses, local stores and restaurants to help them gain new customers. Macomb County is known for the automotive sector, defense sector, and now the food & agriculture sector. For example, both Simply Slender and Champagne Chocolates of Mount Clemens will be showcasing their products at Bikes, Burgers & Brews, giving them out for free while supplies last. There are a great number of sponsors and vendors that are working hard to make this a very fun event for all.

Bikes, Burgers & Brew is also acting as a fundraiser of sorts for Relay for Life. Relay for Life teams are always looking for ways to fundraise. We wanted to bring a great new event together where everything would be in place so Relay for Life teams did not have to spend any money on a location or struggle to set up the event.  The American Cancer Society will take the donations dropped off at the event for the individual Relay for Life teams in Macomb County. This is a wonderful opportunity for the Relay for Life teams to set up a group of riders and take in donations. This was the most important part of the event for me, to make sure that there was a way that donated funds could get to the teams that work 365 days a year to fight for a cure.

Bikes, Burgers & Brews will start at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 30. Riders will meet at the parking lot adjacent to the Anton Art Center in downtown Mount Clemens. The 16-mile ride will take attendees from the starting point to Lake St. Clair Metropark and back to downtown Mount Clemens beginning at 2 p.m. For more information on the event, visit   

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