Fall brings in start of Macomb County high school sports season

The start of a new season has begun in Macomb County and in the world of athletics that means all the hard work from off-season conditioning, weight-training, summer leagues etc. has cultivated and transitioned to the grid iron, courts, fields, courses, pools etc. for fall Sports.

Fall sports blogThe start of the fall sports season begins with the anticipation of the first games which bring families, friends, classmates, and staffs together cheering on their local school teams. This starts the year off with a variety of school spirit shown in different ways throughout our league. We will see elaborate student sections, halftime band performances and themed-game days, all in the effort to bring and show great school pride for the coming year. We will also see the return of past graduates/alumni, former teachers all coming to one location to remember what they all have grown to miss — the start of high school sports and the school year.

There will be an extreme amount of talent coming out of Macomb County again and competition will be high when, who, and what type of game you see will be up to you, but I can promise you one thing: you will not be disappointed because the traditions and gamesmanships will leave you wanting for more the next day or next week. So log on to your favorite school’s website and grab an updated schedule so we can find you in one of the Macomb County schools’ seats watching, cheering and passing down the tradition of your favorite school. Good luck to all teams, fans and staff on a great upcoming season.

For more information on local high school sports, visit http://www.miprepzone.com/macomb/, http://highschoolsports.mlive.com/#/0.

Orlando Medina is Athletic Director at L’Anse Creuse High School and president of the Macomb Area Conference (MAC). For more information about MAC, visit http://macombmac.misd.net/.

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  1. Alex & Thomasine Bailey says:

    Nice Orlando!

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