Macomb Food Program hungry for more donations as holiday season approaches


Food ProgramWithout donations, food drives and fundraising events, the Macomb County Food Program could simply not continue to help those in need. The holiday season has always been especially difficult for people challenged by hunger. That’s why our friends at Partridge Creek, L’Anse Creuse Schools, Warren Consolidated, Macomb Intermediate School District and Meijer mean so much to us. They’ve come together to donate thousands of dollars – money which goes directly to feed those in Macomb County.

Food Program 1

Partridge Creek
The Mall at Partridge Creek recently donated their wishing well change – pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters – which totaled over $1,500 worth of “good wishes.” If you’ve never seen that much money in change, you’d be surprised at how many buckets it fills!

Those coins were turned into dollars, which will help us purchase high protein perishables not usually donated by the community. The result will be healthy meals for those needing them the most.

Our partnership with Meijer store #65 on Hall Road in Utica generated over $5,000 in food-only gift cards for the fall campaign. With those cards, we were able to purchase canned chicken and ground beef to help stock the shelves of pantries throughout Macomb County. On Nov. 1, we kicked off the holiday campaign with our partnership with the Fraser Meijer on Utica Road, which will extend our reach in the county.

The Simply Give Meijer campaign has generated $18 million in food donations for more than 200 food pantries throughout the Midwest since November 2008. The program encourages customers to purchase $10 Simply Give donation cards, which are then converted into Meijer food-only gift cards.

Local schools have been solid supporters as well. Last year, L’Anse Creuse Schools, Warren Consolidated and Macomb Intermediate raised $7,431.94 for the Macomb Food Program.

Since 1975, the Macomb Food Program has been feeding the hungry, but without the generous support of our friends, we couldn’t meet our goals. Hunger is still a problem among children, families and, more so than ever, our vulnerable seniors who may have to choose between their medicine or food. With your vital support, we are diminishing poverty and promoting independence.

On Nov. 13 and 14 your $10 donation purchased at the Meijer Fraser store will be double matched, giving us $20 for a $10 donation. We encourage community members to help us fulfill our mission to help feed the hungry in Macomb County by purchasing Meijer Simply Give food donation cards during their next shopping trip. All donations are used to purchase food, and donations can be made by calling (586) 469-6004.

Linda Azar is program manager for the Macomb Food Program.

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