Recycle Often. Recycle Right in Macomb County

Earth DayMaybe it’s the warmer air or the green grass and flower buds that typically (notice I said typically) start poking through in April, but, for whatever reason, April has been designated as a month where we are all encouraged to take a look at how we treat our Earth. The month pays homage to two important days: Arbor Day on April 29, which focuses on the importance of trees and how they provide numerous benefits to our environment, and Earth Day on April 22. The goal of Earth Day is to call attention to the valuable resources our planet provides and to encourage individuals to really look at how they treat the Earth.

You may or may not know this, but Waste Management (WM) is one of the country’s leading providers of integrated environmental solutions. But what exactly does that mean? According to the WM website, the company is “committed to developing new waste solutions that can help communities and organizations achieve their green goals.”

One of the more popular ways individuals have found to assist in preserving Planet Earth is recycling. This is an activity WM fully supports and encourages customers to become involved with. Kathleen Klein, community relations representative with WM, recently talked to me about how WM fully supports recycling and other earth-friendly initiatives in Macomb County.

Why is recycling important?
Recycling conserves natural resources, such as water and electricity, through the recycling of materials (aluminum and paper are great examples of this). Recycling also conserves landfill space for those items that aren’t recyclable just yet. Recycling may be a bit complicated right now as to what can and cannot be recycled, but it is still good for the planet (our environment); it is important enough to do (even if it isn’t free); and it is beneficial to people because it helps preserve and protect this world we live in through the preservation of these natural resources.

How can people become better recyclers/get educated on how to recycle?
Follow your local community guidelines and only recycle the items that your community allows in your community recycling program. DO NOT place anything that is not listed as acceptable in your recycling bin – even if you think it should be recycled. If you place items in your bin that are NOT ALLOWED, you are creating contamination and increasing the cost to your community to provide recycling services to its residents.

How does WM contribute to encouraging its customers to recycle?
Each year, WM provides local recycling and environmental education to approximately 1,500 individuals who make Macomb their home. WM also educates approximately 3,000 individuals in total throughout the tri-county area of Macomb, Oakland and Wayne counties through on-site tours and off-site presentations and through support of the Michigan Green Schools programs supported by each of these counties.

Take the pledge to Recycle Often. Recycle Right (RORR) by signing the pledge at

Are there any other programs WM has related to a healthy Earth that you’d like to promote?
WM has a Sustainability Services group whose primary mission is to work with customers (i.e., businesses and manufacturing) in their efforts to become more sustainable in their business practices for the greater good of the global community. You can learn more about WM Sustainability Services and how they work with our customers by visiting the WM website at

Why is it important to treat our Earth well?  
We only have one – and just as the Earth provides us with resources, we need to provide the Earth with sustainable practices that preserve and protect those precious resources – which Earth provides back to us … do you see the circle of logic here?

Other resources:
Learn more about WM by visiting our website at and read our 2015 Sustainability Report at

For local information about WM and our Pine Tree Acres Landfill (located in Macomb County), visit For statewide recycling information, visit

Earth Day ciderAnother way to get involved in Earth Day 2016 is through the event Cider for Sustainability which is being held on April 22 at Blake’s Hard Cider Co. That day, for every hard cider purchase made, attendees will be given a free sapling to plant.

Macomb County offers many opportunities to celebrate Earth Day/Arbor Day. Be sure to take advantage of those opportunities to treat our planet right.

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