St. Clair Shores a hot spot for first-time homebuyers

If there’s anyone who knows just how well the housing market is doing in Macomb County, it’s Joe Iacopelli from Iacopelli Building Company. This is his craft – building homes – and he’s been doing it since 1982.

And although Iacopelli has always been Macomb County focused (he has been building homes in Sterling Heights for the last 20 years), he has most recently started honing his efforts on St. Clair Shores, an area that, according to him, in the last three or four years, has become a hot spot for first-time homebuyers.

“They (city officials) are really working on revitalizing St. Clair Shores with new homes, and it’s starting to become a young person’s area,” said Iacopelli.

Chris Rayes, community services director for St. Clair Shores, agrees. He said the city has two active programs that work to end blight. The city has also been in the business of buying tax-foreclosed properties since 2010. The properties the city takes ownership of are then repaired and put back on the market.

“By purchasing them, we could control the outcome of the home,” said Rayes. “We did not want to see investors coming in and (doing) ‘paint and carpet flips’ nor have them purchased and turned into bulk rental properties.”

Iacopelli agrees. His properties are an investment in the community – building solid homes geared toward those interested in making Macomb County their permanent home. He currently has one house for sale on Grand Lake and two for sale on Maxine. Both streets are located in between Greater Mack and Harper avenues in St. Clair Shores. He said his homes generally sell in the $220,000 range, have a two-car attached garage and are around 2,000 square feet.


“These are quality homes; affordably priced for first-time homebuyers,” said Iacopelli. “Their proximity to Lake St. Clair and the Nautical Mile make them especially appealing to young buyers.”

For more information on Joe Iacopelli’s homes, call (586) 795-5150.

Want to dip your toe in the home-buying market? A fun way to get started is to attend an open house to see for yourself what your dollar will buy in any of Macomb County’s 27 communities. Starting now, MMYH’s Facebook page will feature an especially interesting Open House of the Week along with a complete list of homes available for purchase.

Happy house hunting!

Have you recently rehabbed a home in Macomb County? We’d love to see your pictures and share your story!

Sarah Cormier works for the Macomb County Executive Office as a communications specialist.

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