Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Macomb County


No matter how 2016 was for you – the best year yet, or maybe you are just glad that it’s over with – it’s time to celebrate. Staying local on this big holiday has its definite advantages, and luckily, Macomb County has a variety of spots available right here where partygoers can enjoy fabulous eats, refreshing drinks and a hip groovin’ tune or two. Below is a list of just some of the great places one can ring in 2017. Oh, and always remember not to drink and drive! (UberShamrock Cab Co., Suburban Cab and Sterling Cab are just a few local places to call if you find yourself unfit to get behind the wheel that evening, or any time for that matter.)

We recommend pre-purchasing tickets for any of the above events, as all will sell out before New Year’s Eve! Tickets for each event typically include drinks, dinner and dessert, as well as a variety of live entertainment.

Amanda Minaudo is a senior planner in the Macomb County Department of Planning and Economic Development. She often contributes to the Make Macomb Your Home Blog, writing about the many fun and exciting things to see and do around Macomb County. 

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