Why you should attend the 2017 NAIAS


NAIAS-HOME-2-1.jpgThe 2017 North American International Auto Show is here, and with it is a whole lot of well-deserved hype. This year’s show looks to be the largest concentration of the world’s top automotive and technology executives, designers and engineers and presents a global opportunity for our local companies to debut brand-defining vehicles and industry-shaping announcements.

Last year, the 2016 NAIAS featured more than 60 vehicle introductions, a majority of which were worldwide debuts. Since 1989, there have been 1,528 vehicle introductions unveiled to the world at the NAIAS. It’s a big enough deal that more than 5,000 journalists from countries all over the world come to cover the latest and greatest happenings our industry has to offer.

as1Last year, more than 815,000 people turned out to see the show! The event has a tremendous economic impact on our region, bringing in $430 million each year for local businesses.

As for this year, there is a lot to write about. The auto industry is fueling significant economic growth in Macomb County. Since 2010, $7.4 billion has been invested in Macomb County facilities through 121 separate investments. These are a clear signal of the commitment that our companies have made to turning out the best product possible in a highly competitive global marketplace.

as2Consumers are excited to see what is on hand, and the numbers show it. For the second straight year, U.S. automakers reported their highest annual sales ever, as sales have grown every single year since 2009. In 2016, 17.5 million vehicles were sold, surpassing the record set in 2015. Not only are volumes increasing, but so are car prices. According to Kelley Blue Book, estimates for the average transaction climbed $2,121 (6.4 percent) from 2015 values to $35,309. These increased margins have been a boon for local companies. If you’re considering buying a new car in 2017, attending the NAIAS should be your first step.

There are plenty of other perks at the auto show this year as well. Featuring daily activities, the auto show features events from organizations such as the American Red Cross and the Parade Company, and there are days dedicated to the military, families and more groups.

Come on down to Cobo from Jan. 14 through 22 to be a part of the massive celebration of the automotive industry. If you have never been, this is a great year to check it out. Even the Detroit Tigers will be on hand to marvel at our region’s innovation!

bentNick Posavetz is a senior planner for Macomb County, often providing content for the Macomb Business and Make Macomb Your Home websites and associated social media accounts. If you have something you’d like to feature, reach out to him at posavetz@macombgov.org.

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