It’s time to think spring! The Spring 2017 Tree, Shrub and Plant Sale has begun!

What would it be like to grow apples in your own backyard? Would a flowering dogwood add pop to your front lawn? Is your business looking to add to its landscaping on a budget?

Kay's Appalachian Mist by A. Windham

Flowering Dogwood


Macomb County is excited to announce the Spring 2017 Tree, Shrub and Plant Sale, a new collaboration between Green Macomb and the Sanilac/St. Clair Conservation District. The spring sale provides an opportunity for the public to purchase young trees, fruit trees, flowering shrubs, native pollinator wildflower seed, fruits and vegetables at the most reasonable prices you can find.

Residents of more rural and agricultural communities may already be familiar with the Conservation District’s very popular spring tree sale, a well-established program which encourages reforestation and provides thousands of trees to the public at a discounted rate in Sanilac, St. Clair and northern Macomb County. While historically focused on rural and agricultural areas, this program is expanding in 2017 in partnership with Green Macomb to all communities of Macomb County.

Planting trees provides many benefits including increased property values, cleaner air and water, lower energy bills, more attractive neighborhoods and healthier communities. This sale’s plant selection is specifically tailored to provide these benefits and increase local community tree canopy.

To place an order, mail or email your completed order form with payment to the St. ClairSpring 4 Conservation District by April 6, then pick up your order at Freedom Hill County Park during Arbor Day celebrations from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Friday, April 28 or 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, April 29. Remaining unsold stock will also available for in-person purchase during these times while supplies last.

The trees and shrubs available through this sale are bare-root, which means they will not come with any soil. Using bare-root stock is a great way to reduce costs and more quickly establish planted trees and shrubs, but it is very important for long-term success that they are properly planted and cared for. Bare-root stock should be planted as soon as possible. Prior to planting, they should be kept cool (but not frozen) and out of the sun, and never let the roots dry out.

The Arbor Day Foundation has guidance on how to plant bare-root trees, as do many other landscape and gardening companies. The Gardener’s Supply Company in particular has a great description of how to plant bare-root trees and shrubs.

Presale order forms and additional information are available at

 Tree Benefit GraphicUPDATED_March2017

Spring 1 Spring 2

Brent Geurink is an associate planner for the Macomb County Department of Planning & Economic Development’s Land and Water Resources Group.

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