Plans underway for Macomb County’s bicentennial celebration

Next year, Macomb County celebrates its 200th birthday!

Macomb County has a rich history. Many know about our bath house era right here in Mount Clemens, but there is so much more to learn, explore and share. For example, did you know the city of Eastpointe was originally named the Township of Orange? The first female deputies were hired to the Macomb County Jail in 1921? Or Hall Road was named after early settler John Hall whose farm was located at Hall and Fairchild?

And these historical facts are just the tip of Macomb County’s memories (as we are quickly discovering through lots of research!).

In order to make sure our 200th birthday is celebrated, we have formed a bicentennial committee. The mission of this group, which is comprised of both internal and external community partners, is to celebrate everything Macomb since it was first formally organized in 1818.

In order to tackle this momentous task, we have formed several subcommittees in order to best celebrate this milestone. The birthday celebration subcommittee is in charge of planning and implementing our premier kickoff event: Macomb County’s 200th birthday celebration, slated to take place Jan. 9, 2018. The military subcommittee will work to celebrate military, veterans, police, fire and emergency medical services throughout the year. The securing recognition/legacy subcommittee researches and applies for historical proclamations, markers and plaques and investigates potential projects to leave as a legacy for future generations. The storytelling subcommittee gathers and shares historically significant stories that follow designated themes for each month of 2018. The timeline subcommittee collects important dates throughout Macomb County’s 200-year history to populate the timeline on And the torch relay subcommittee will oversee the bicentennial’s signature community event: a countywide torch relay involving every local community.

Bicentennial logoWe have created a logo which will act as a visual symbol of the bicentennial. It incorporates the county’s current logo while acknowledging 2018 as a special year in our history. This logo was created by our very own Matt Pierscinski in our Department of Planning & Economic Development. Thanks for capturing the committee’s vision, Matt!

Moreover, the committee has picked themes for each month next year:

  • January – Communities
  • February – Health
  • March – Historical Places/Architecture
  • April – People
  • May – Government/Public Safety/Military
  • June – Recreation
  • July – Transportation
  • August – Agriculture
  • September – Education
  • October – Manufacturing
  • November – Business
  • December – Media

These themes will help our subcommittees, as well as others participating in bicentennial celebrations throughout the year, to hone their activities to complement these ideas. If you have a historical story to share that relates to any of these themes, soon you will be able to submit it on the website.

All of the above and more is available on our website, developed by our IT Department. They also created the hashtag #Macomb200 and are working on the bicentennial celebration’s official social media frame. Thanks to our talented IT Department, especially Mike Liskey, for leading this effort.

We want to make our 200th birthday celebration a truly memorable experience for every resident of our 27 cities, villages and townships.

As you can see, planning Macomb County’s 200th birthday is a special opportunity to share information about our history, celebrate our present and embrace our future! If you are interested in becoming involved, email me at

Pam Lavers is the Macomb County deputy executive and serves as chair of the bicentennial committee.

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  1. Willi H2O says:

    Since everyone is downstream – #MacombCounty – infrastructure over 100 years evolution – needs work now–

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