Environmental stewardship thrives at Weekly Clean

Heritage Park - AprilIf you are passionate about the outdoors and the environment, then Weekly Clean is the place for you! The Clinton River Watershed Council’s (CRWC) volunteer stewardship program, Weekly Clean, engages citizens of all ages in trash cleanups throughout Oakland and Macomb counties.

A cleanup takes place every Wednesday morning, and each week is dedicated to a different location. Locations are chosen based on recommendations from the community, residents and site recon done by staff at CRWC. Most locations are near a shoreline or riverbank along the Clinton River or Lake St. Clair.

“The trail between Budd Park and Canal Park along the Clinton River is one of my favorite locations for Weekly Clean,” said Chuck Lumpkin, a retiree and resident of Clinton Township who has been volunteering his time every Wednesday since the very first Weekly Clean in 2012. “I have always loved the outdoors, and seeing the impact these cleanups have on some of my favorite spots in my community is what motivates me to continue volunteering.”

couchWhile at Weekly Clean, volunteers are provided with gloves, trash grabbers and trash bags to pick up trash that would otherwise harm wildlife, get into the soils and wash into rivers and streams.

“What we do on the land directly impacts the water quality of this region,” said CRWC program coordinator Abby Lane. “By getting volunteers outside to help steward these natural areas in our communities, we are helping to cultivate a connection to the outdoors while also taking steps to improve our environment and water quality.”

Now in its fifth year of existence, Weekly Clean has attracted many volunteers that continue to return week after week. In the summer, cleanups will sometimes be held at the local county and Metroparks where volunteers have opportunities to pick up trash while in kayaks, providing a new and fun experience for many.

The program is open to all members of the community, but volunteers under the age of 18 years old must always be accompanied by an adult to participate. If you would like to get involved and join Weekly Clean efforts, visit the CRWC website at www.crwc.org/weekly-clean or contact CRWC at abby@crwc.org or (248) 601-0606.

Abby Lane is the program coordinator for the Clinton River Watershed Council.

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