Macomb County tree and plant sale returns with a new online ordering option

Who’s ready to leave this icy weather and these cooler temps behind? We certainly are! Which is why we are thrilled to share this news on today’s MMYH blog: In partnership with the City of Sterling Heights, Green Macomb and the Blue Water Conservation District have announced the return of their annual tree and plant sale, an opportunity for the public to purchase young trees, fruit trees, flowering shrubs, wildflower seed and other fruits and vegetables at reasonable prices! The sale kicked off with a pre-order period that started February 1. It will run through April 4. Interested individuals can visit and browse for product. An online ordering option, which was added for the 2019 sale, will allow those individuals to easily place their orders and make payments.

“We’ve held the tree and plant sale for the last several years and we’ve always had a great response from the community,” said Gerard Santoro, program manager for Macomb County Land and Water Resources, which assists the Green Macomb program. “But we hope that adding this new digital feature will open up the sale to more people and businesses by streamlining the ordering process.”


Items available for order include fruit, oak, maple, lilac, redwood and dogwood bushes/trees as well as strawberry, raspberry, asparagus, horseradish and rhubarb plants. Prices range from $5 to $20 while supplies last.

“There are a wide variety of plants and trees available to purchase through the sale,” said Santoro. “So if you’re looking to grow your garden or add some greenery to your front yard, there’s something for everyone.”

All items purchased during the pre-order period can be picked up at the in-person tree and plant sale on Arbor Day Friday, April 26, (10 a.m. – 7 p.m.) or Saturday, April 27 (9 a.m. – 1 p.m.) at Dodge Park in Sterling Heights. A limited stock of trees and plants will be available for purchase on site and representatives from MSU Extension and the Blue Water Conservation District will also be available to answer questions.

“The individuals on hand from MSU-E and the Blue Water Conservation District will be a great resource for visitors who might need planting guidance or tree care advice,” said Santoro. “So if you’re uncertain about your ability to successfully plant and grow greenery, these folks can help you.”

Since the sale began two years ago, more than 40,000 trees and plants have been purchased by residents, businesses and communities throughout Macomb County. This has helped Green Macomb and the Blue Water Conservation District in their goal to increase green canopy in the county.

For more information on the tree and plant sale, visit the Green Macomb website. A pdf order form, which has been the standard ordering option for the sale in the past, can be found here as well.

Megan Ochmanek is a communications specialist for the Macomb County Department of Planning and Economic Development.

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