How to keep your children active and engaged during summer vacation

It’s hard to start thinking about summer plans for your children when there’s still snow on the ground; but alas, now is the time to begin registering your kids for camp! Whether they love science, the performing arts or sports, there are plenty of opportunities that will ensure your children are active and engaged during vacation. And the majority are right here in Macomb County!

So – how do you find the right camp for your child? A great place to start is our handy guide to summer programs here. We’ve found opportunities in a variety of subjects for kids ages 6-17. For instance:

  • Hollywood Extravaganza at the Macomb YMCA
    This camp is for kids ages 3-14 that love movies! For several days in June, your kids can celebrate films from Minions to Inside Out with games, crafts and activities.
  • International Soccer Camps at the Warren Community Center
    Your kids will spend a week learning various soccer methodologies and practices from around the world! They’ll even get a free soccer ball, t-shirt, poster and certificate!
  • Zookeeper camps at The Detroit Zoo
    Children in kindergarten through 8th grade will learn about the needs of animals and the complexities of animal care at zookeeper camp. They’ll also have the opportunity to interact with a zookeeper, explore all types of animals and learn about animal health, behavior, nutrition and welfare.


If you’ve read through the opportunities we’ve listed and still don’t know what would be best for your child, check out Metro Parent’s helpful Choose a Camp Checklist of essentials worth considering, including:

  • Talk to your child’s teachers. What kinds of subjects interest him or her?
  • Ask your child if there’s something he or she wants to learn more about.
  • Gather information about camps from brochures, web searches, the library, camp fairs, your child’s school – even local churches hold inexpensive or free summer programs.
  • Talk to friends and neighbors about their children’s experiences at various camps.
  • Visit the camp. Many offer information nights, which are great for gauging if your child is interested (and how enthusiastic the counselors are!).
  • Ask for references from the camp and call those sources to ask about their children’s experiences.
  • See if you have friends or neighbors whose children are attending the same camp, so you could carpool. Consider if the camp is too far away for you to drive your child there every day or week.

To find more checklist essentials, click here. And for more ideas on how to spend your summer in Macomb, visit the Things To Do section of our MMYH website.

Megan Ochmanek is a communications specialist for the Macomb County Department of Planning and Economic Development.

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