Loyalty Day and Law Day offer opportunity to recognize the heritage of America’s freedom

On May 1, Americans across the county will celebrate both Loyalty Day and Law Day, holidays that recognize the heritage of America’s freedom and the brave men and women that protect and serve our nation.

Locally, the Veterans of Foreign Wars Macomb County Council will honor the day as well. They’re asking residents of the county’s 27 communities to join in the celebration by taking part in patriotic acts like reciting the Pledge of Allegiance or flying the American flag.

“It is our wish to have all the patriotic citizens in our county come together to recognize this day,” said Mike Sand, public information officer for Fraser-Reid VFW Post 6691. “’United We Stand’ is more important today than ever. Help us spread the word and encourage your community to get involved in recognizing the significance of this day. Hopefully together we can make a positive impression.”

The origins of Loyalty Day in particular date back to the early 20th century, when the first “Americanization Day” was held as a way to counterbalance the various communist uprisings around the world at that time. Today, the holidays mark a time for all Americans to recognize our freedoms and show respect to service members.

In addition to the ways recommended by the VFW, you can honor the day by visiting one of the many Macomb County memorials dedicated to the armed forces and local police and fire departments. To streamline your search for a site, the county created a public map featuring all of these locations in our communities. The easy-to-use digital tool organizes memorials into categories for police, fire and military. Every site is highlighted on the map with clickable icons that display a memorial name, address and image (photographed in-kind by Cheri Warnock of Cherish Your Photos).  Sites include:

  • The Epic Post Memorial (fire)
    41625 Ryan Rd, Sterling Heights, MI
    Epic post memorial
  • The Fallen Heroes Memorial (fire)
    29777 Gratiot Ave., Roseville, MI
    Roseville Memorial
  • Memorial Park (military)
    7530 Auburn Rd, Utica, MI
    memorial park
  • Veterans Memorial Park (military)
    27400 Campbell Rd, Warren, MI
    veternans park
  • Richard Vauris Memorial (police)
    37985 Groesbeck, Clinton Township, MI
    Richard memorial
  • Christopher Wouters/Ed Rea Memorial (police)
    29900 Civic Center Blvd., Warren, MI
    Edward Rea

Those are just a few of the more than 75 sites listed on the map. And with Loyalty Day and Law Day just one week away, we highly recommend checking it all out and building your plan of action. You can also access other resources and information here.

When you’re ready, let us know how you are celebrating in the comments. We’d love to highlight your efforts.

Megan Ochmanek is a communications specialist for the Macomb County Department of Planning and Economic Development.

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