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Green Macomb completes fall plantings

Green Macomb’s Urban Forest Partnership completed a second fall planting this week in downtown Utica. Over 330 trees, shrubs, wildflowers and other native plants were installed by volunteers from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ Motor Citizens program in partnership with the city … Continue reading

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A new project takes root in Warren

Yesterday, more than 30 volunteers planted 246 plants, shrubs and trees near SMART bus stops in front of Macomb Community College and Wayne State University’s Advanced Technology Education Center in Warren as part of the Green Macomb Urban Forest Partnership. … Continue reading

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What rain can do for you

Being outside is good for you. Exposure to sunlight can help combat depression, regulate your internal clock and supplement your vitamin D intake. Gardening, once seen as a pastime for the elderly, has become trendy amongst America’s younger demographics. This … Continue reading

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An off-shade of green

At 16, I knew for a fact that recycling and composting should be a priority for everyone; hey, I was 16 – I knew everything. Fast-forward nearly a decade, and I’m still convinced that people should consume their natural resources … Continue reading

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