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Building community through gardening

Gardens can be as diverse and creative as you are. Some people plant rain gardens to help filter stormwater runoff. Other gardens are planted to benefit specific wildlife, such as butterflies or bees. Many gardens are simply pretty to look … Continue reading

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How does your garden grow? (and where to get answers to other gardening questions)

Macomb County is excited to announce the Spring 2017 Tree, Shrub and Plant Sale this weekend, a new collaboration between Green Macomb and the Sanilac/St. Clair Conservation District. The spring sale provides an opportunity for the public to purchase young … Continue reading

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Gardening 101 – What’s bugging you?

So the plants are in … what’s next? If you are a new or seasoned gardener…this year could be different than all others. We have had wet, cold, wet and now hot weather. This can only encourage diseases and insects … Continue reading

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MSUE offers great day camps for kids

All year around, Macomb County MSU Extension 4-H Youth Development offers special educational programs to bring a sense of adventure and fun while learning and gaining life skills to local youth ages 5-19. Most recently, MSU Extension hosted the first … Continue reading

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MSUE 4-H Club provides youth with invaluable experiences

Have you ever wondered which mineral makes fireworks red or how bees make a buzz? Do you love horses but live in town? Well join the club, the 4-H Club. These are life’s little questions that the over 4,000 Macomb … Continue reading

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